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Caitlynns are very artistic, athletic, or lovable people. They enjoy cuddling all times of the day. Caitlynns are typically extremely dramatic, but only if you give them a reason to be. 80% of Caitlynns are attractive. 10% straight up ugly. And 10% freaking gorgeous.

Caitlynns change lives, either for the better or for the worst. Can ruin your life in 10.5 seconds with out even trying that hard. Caitlynns love boys, and normally have one around. Typically, not sluts. But you never know.

Caitlynns are great athletes, and give everything they do 100%. Probably don't get the best grades, but they make up for that in other areas.

Most guys find Caitlynn hot, but don't tell her till it's to late. She also cheats some times. Better keep her in line.

Guy1- Yep, She's a Caitlynn
by Yourmomsucksitup September 05, 2011
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