2 definitions by YourLurchness

Expression of disbelief in the purest form.
Can also be used in practically any situation you can work it into.
Broseph: "Bro, did you hear about Alicia fucking that Bob guy?"
Brody: "Yeah I heard there's a video online of it."
Broseph: "Not for shit! Can we find it?"
by YourLurchness June 16, 2013
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When you're having sex and you're about to achieve a climax, you reach for your cowboy hat with one hand and put it on then with the other hand you pull off your belt and wrap it around her throat and hold it like the reigns of a horse.
As you climax you pull the reigns back and hold onto your hat with your right hand and yell 'WHOA NELLY!' at the top of your lungs.

+50 points if her name is actually Nelly.
by YourLurchness August 03, 2014
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