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The word drainting was made by Youtuber Moriah Elizabeth. She has said this word many times even in her last video called "Fixing things I've Ruined #2". Drainting means paintingwith Posca paint pens, or drawing with paint.
So for today's video I am going to be Drainting, if you don't know what it is, then educate yourself on this topic.
by Your welcome Moriah August 7, 2020
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A place where either your extremely gay or a sports highlighter kid in the closet with internalized homophobia. You probably also wonder why we have weird team names.
Gms(Groton middle school) has a teacher named Mr.Larrow who dosn’t like me
by Your welcome Moriah October 19, 2021
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a word i thought only me phalia and every used
that is so beauteous
by Your welcome Moriah November 5, 2020
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I rlly dont know what this word means, but the internet says its a yam.
Im eating gimbis
by Your welcome Moriah December 6, 2020
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