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Leda is the type of girl who will always be there for you. She's funny, adorable, intelligent, very unique, creative and fun to be around. Leda is also a bright, cute and fanciful girl. She isn't like most girls, which makes you appreciate her even more. She loves gaming but at the same time has a weakness for fashion and feminine clothing. She can turn your frown into a smile in a heartbeat. Her unique style and personality will definitely grasp your attention and will leave you wanting more. You can't ever get enough of her. Leda is always forgiving and won't ever let you down in any given situation. Leda's the type of girl who will leave a huge impact on you and your life. If you fuck up, you will definitely regret it. Don't let her cuteness fool you though. If you break her heart, she will always find ways for revenge. She might also be sarcastic and may seem as if nothing bothers her, but in the inside, she's fragile and sensitive. Leda is just the person you would want to be with and who'd you want to be.
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