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Conner is a pretty amazing dude. He's seems like a quiet nerd, but if you take the time to get to know him, you'll find he's super complex. His sarcasm and humor will always keep you laughing, and he's always by your side when something bad happens and you need a friend. He might be one of the cockiest guys around, but he works his ass off to (usually) so cut him a little slack. He's gonna be a doctor and wants to go into the military, but no matter what he does, he'll most likely be very successful because he is dedicated, smart, and efficient.

Conner will always keep you on your toes and keep you guessing. Even though he's almost always straight up with you (and expects the same back), he makes you constantly wonder what he's thinking while continually nailing what you are thinking and feeling constantly. He goes back and forth from being the funniest, nicest person to being a grumpy old man. It'll drive you crazy, but it'll also make you want to keep coming back.

Conner is also usually an attractive guy. He's the right amount of tall and muscle and what not so if he wanted to he could prolly be a playa-playa. If you date a Conner, make sure that you let him wear the pants sometimes because he likes feelin like "the man". He's one of the most respectful guys you'll ever meet so it's worth it.

If you get the opportunity to meet a Conner, make sure to get to know them because it'll be the one thing in your life that you won't ever regret.
Conner is above cheap examples.
by YouKnowIt'sMeSilly;) August 05, 2011
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