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He is the ghost of christmas past, and he is here to show you what christman was like.

2. The toys were also deficated upon because they were so STUPID.

3. I cannot live with that guy. He is so annoying. And he does not wear a shirt.
by You Stole my Wristwatch August 07, 2004

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the best side project ever created. Daryl Palumbo's gonna break up with GJ and this will be the only thing left.
1. Don't say i don't cut when i do, i do, i do
Don't say we're healing when it's just not what we do.

2. Baby, is this love for real?

3. In and out I'm dancing.
by You Stole my Wristwatch August 07, 2004

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OMFG D15 5H17 I5 50 r4r3
I'm just a cash money terrorist, doin' it for the money,
I don't care about the cause, I kinda think it's funny,
I gotta room in my basement where I keep my stash,
Gotta kill Americans to make some kish kash.

I killed the hostage, it was my choice,
then I called up Osama from my new rolls royce.
I said, "how are you doing, infidel?"
He said, "I'm planning this attack and im doin' well"
I said I killed the American, I did the deed,
now where the hell is my premium weed?
He said "Calm down, buddy, it's in the mail.
I really hope you don't have to go to jail,"
I said "it's ok, I'm just working for the dollah,
and if I get caught, I'll pray to Allah Allah Allah!

oooooh that was s111ck!
by You Stole my Wristwatch December 29, 2004

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An absorbing material that bitches use to stop the bloodflow, yo.
95% of hos lose their virginity to a crotch torpedo and not my rocket ship.
by You Stole my Wristwatch December 27, 2004

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Fga originally started in the world of AstroSecret. It was typed when someone insulted another but acidentally hit the wrong keys.
You stole my wristwatch!!
you dumb, i allready have a wristwatch, you dumb.

by You Stole my Wristwatch July 29, 2004

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