1 definition by Yoongi01

Timian is a real friend and many will consider him as an extra brother. He will always be there for you, no matter what you do. He has an amazing voice and is an Incredible singer. He is really good at general music, and plays a lot of instruments. He is also really muscular and sporty, probably one of the fastest and strongest guys you'll ever meet. He is incredibly handsome too. Timian is also a very intelligent guy, high above average. If you have Timian as a friend or boyfriend, you're really lucky. He will always help you with anything, even if he isn't that good at it.
He is one of the best humans you'll ever meet. If you are so lucky to be his friend, don't lose him.
Girl: Who is that overly intelligent guy with that amazing voice?
Guy 1: It has to be Timian, he is so muscular and hamndsome.
Guy 2: I want to be a Timian.
Guy 1: Trust me, everyone wants that.
by Yoongi01 January 27, 2020