1 definition by YezoChreesto

trumpaphobia (noun): 1. The fear that someone you love, respect, and/or regard as a person with intelligence and mentally rigorous thought processes will tell you they want Donald Trump to be President of the United States.
2. The fear of being loathed by the people you love, but because they are on your payroll, you are unaware they can't stand you.
3. The fear of waking up with a Tribble* on your head.
*A Tribble is fictional creature, from the original Star Trek television series, that resembles a living hair ball regurgitated from a cat.
1. Her severe trumpaphobia was only heightened when her new boss, a man she had thought was so wise and worthy, revealed he was a Donald Trump supporter.
2. As John became more and more wealthy, he surrounded himself with more friends and family as paid advisors. This trend only fed John's worsening trumpaphobia.
3. After a nightmare involving extreme hair loss, Mark nervously checked the in the mirror to relieve his trumpaphobia.
by YezoChreesto July 30, 2015