3 definitions by Yellow Cat

What you ask your mother at least 5 times every single day...well at least before she slaps you.
Mom: Hurry up and eat your toast!

Me: But WHY?!
by Yellow Cat December 15, 2014
The people who write questions that don't make sense for school books.
Question: If a pear is round, how many pancakes are there on the floor, plus potatoes?
A. 0
B. 0
C. 0
D. 0

Person 1: This question is so confusing! Who wrote this?
Person 2: Ke$hqua monkeys.
by Yellow Cat January 14, 2015
What you say when your friend asks why you didn't go to his/her party/event.
Friend: Why didn't you come to the party last night?
Other Friend: Because I'm better than you.
by Yellow Cat December 15, 2014