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This is a quite versatile phrase that has been making it way around the corners of the internet for a while now, but has yet to be discovered and understood by most the communities out there.

It can be used as an adjective in warning, in regards to creepiness on the internet, or as a noun in context with online creeps.
"Did you hear about that guy who sent dick pics to that underage girl?"
"That's Bad News Baars."

"I just joined this discord server, with a few cute guys in it"
"Careful, Discord servers are Bad News Baars"
by Yeeyeeasshaircut January 18, 2021
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A phrase that can either be used as an emotion, adjective, or noun. It has quite beautiful versatility as an insult, or description.
User: Sarah got demoted. how do you feel?
Sarah: Poopy gay bum

You are a poopy gay bum
by Yeeyeeasshaircut January 12, 2021
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