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Very smart, stunningly beautiful, and charming girl. Yashaswi is cursed with being the object of every man's affection.

She is hated by a minority of people but respected by all. She is a women of her word. utterly rich and successful in life.

A female who is so extremely hot and sophisticated. She can instantly make any male wet just by looking at him.
She is most likely full of herself. An extremely amazing person any boy would go to the moon and back for.

Someone who doesn't have the word forfeit or loss in her vocabulary.

can be a pain in the butt but is an amazing person to be around. Yashaswi knows what she wants and will do anything to get it. Rich and spoiled. Boys love her.
Girls and both share this name more of boys though.

"Her name is Yashaswi. Isn't she beautiful?"
by Yashwi September 27, 2013

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