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You know how "it's" is basically a shortened version of "it is"? So replace "it's" with "it is" and you get "it is what it is". This version just sounds a bit more fun.
Person 1: Today at school, someone said I looked like white obama.
Person 2: Well, I mean, it's what it's.
Person 1: Huh?
Person 2: You know how "it's" is short for "it is"?
Person 1: Oh, I thought you were having a stroke.
by Xzaratherg March 5, 2021
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Used in a situation where you haven't done anything cool or unique, and your day was as boring as ever; but it also can be used in awesome situations, like when your buddy Person 1 sees you parachuting off of the 2nd floor.

TL;DR: Synonymous with "same shit, different day".
Person 1: So, how was your day?
Person 2: Just another day at the office.

Sam: Jesus, they worked you over good. You all right?
Nathan: Just another day at the office.
by Xzaratherg November 19, 2020
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A common phrase when you stub your toe. Usually against stairs, table legs or chair legs. Very frequently this phrase is yelled louder than the eruption of Krakatoa.
Person 1 stubs his toe.
Person 1: OW FUCK!!!
Person 2: You just ruptured my ear drums!
by Xzaratherg March 3, 2019
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Skeptard is a Skeppy (large Minecraft youtuber and troll) fan that follows Skeppy's path and fanboys all the time. Skeptard is commonly used by the BadBoyHalo (gets bullied by Skeppy) community.
Skeptard: the perpendicularity of the photosynthesis bisectors do not allow you to exist within the 1 quadrillion atoms of air molecules you displace.
6 people: SKEPTARD!!!
by Xzaratherg May 23, 2019
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