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A shota is a boy about the age of 14. He is usually blonde, small and innocent. They are found in animes/mangas, and if your lucky real life~ ;D
A shota is male, and a female version of a shota is called a loli.
Somebody who loves shotas and is obsessed over them (like me) is called a shotacon.
And example of a shota is the VOCALOID Len Kagamine.
YouTube him~
1."Hey look at that boy over there!! He's so small and cute!"
2."I believe that is what you would call a shota"
by XxLennyKagaxX October 23, 2011

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Another word for petting or stroking.
Usually used for something with fur. e.g. cat, dog, etc.
1. "I smooved my cat."

2. "My dog was like 'Smoove me!'"

3. "I enjoy smooving my cat."
by XxLennyKagaxX October 13, 2013

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