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This is a difficult word to describe because people who are non-autistic beings seem to think it means that being called neurotypical is demeaning

Neurotypical basically means that since you do not have sensory overloads compared to the levels of being autisic and since you can at a percentage that isn't cause by being autistic engage with peers , generally to the level to sense not how to start conflict and to make friends or get peers to understand you better .

You are considered normal brain functioning.

I have read a lot of definitions and people seem to think this classifies you are normal . which in society the word /normal/ viewed as a very wide range of things.

It doesn't mean you're a social butterfly /a 9 to 5 guy who loves to golf /it doesnt mean that its not hard for you too, it just means that youre not autistic and studies go to show a autistic brain develops differently. which factually means your mind and an autistic mind do think differently!
Jane can not talk because inside jane wants to talk but due to sensory overload jane is going into the corner and rocking to calm down , jane tries her best to smile but when she does people look at her weird and she doesn't know why?

Jimmy is. A neurotypical waiter he knows that if he doesn't do he's shift and make people smile to get tips he will not go home as much , jimmy tries to smile more even though he doesn't want to . He also see someone is an eagles fan and uses that to help guide the conversation for a good tip.
by Xsci April 14, 2018

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