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Pronunciation: /'boan/
Function: tool
Origin: Hanover

Those, whom typically refer to themselves as "Steve", who are useless in most aspects of life, notably Maple Labs : Pride themselves on having never successfully encouraged another to "sit on it", but have done so many times themselves : Appreciate specific words of the Western Pennsylvanian dialect, e.g. fat : Held in highest academic regard by one, Leonard Kogut

Hobbies include: frustration; ballin'; complaining; Budny; attempted beatings of defenseless cylinders with sticks; sobriety; routinely observing a particularly sexy facebook picture;
1:<Why are you acting like such a BONE?>
2:<I'm bout to go get my BONE on.>
3:<Do these pants make me look BONE?>
4:<BOOOOOONNNNNEEEEE son!! That particular female appears to maintain a well balanced diet and exercise regularly, concentrating primarily on the surrounding areas of the figure where each leg meets the torso.>
5:<I've got a raging BONE, forrealforreal.>
by Xin Fu Chen March 15, 2007
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