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A straight, Christian man, anywhere from 20 to 50, that behaves normally from January through November. However, as Christmas gets closer, he gets so wrapped up in the holiday spirit he becomes increasingly effeminate, reaching maximum queer-ness the week of Christmas. At that point he's only a few egg nogs away from grabbing the karaoke mic and singing Elton John and Wham! all night long. But after Christmas has passed, he will deny any and all of his behavior for the past month or so, and build a thick macho facade to last through February, or until his friends stop teasing him.
Steve: "Dan, you're SUCH a sugar plum fairy."

Dan: "No I'm not, what makes you say that?"

Jim: "Dude, last year you got drunk and made out with the Santa Claus down at the mall!"

Steve: "The best part was when he gave you his number."

Dan: "I hate you guys."
by Xedan December 07, 2010

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