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Small town of 10000 people that is located North East of Philadelphia. Belongs to the Lower Salford Township and is located in the Souderton Area School District. Rich history of agriculture and the farm Heckler Plains which is where General George Washington kept his men during the revolutionary war. In the last 20 years farms have been sold and housing developments have taken over the area. Most homes being built are starting at $400K and have reached near 2 million.

In the past years Harleysville has doubled its population and has become a very desirable place to live in Pennsylvania. This is because of a great schooling system and its location close to high paying jobs around Philadelphia.

Harleysville average household income is almost double the average of the rest of PA. The average home in Harleysville is over twice the worth of the average home in PA. Parts of this small town have become some of the more wealthy parts of the northeast.

Harleysville is also home to many small businesses which are located on Route 63 which is the town’s busiest street. Also large companies have found their way into Harleysville like Walmart, Wawa, Gaint, Ace and many others.

zip code 19438
location 25 miles NE of Philadelphia
I live in a small town called Harleysville.
by XJcrawler June 26, 2007
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