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a Greek island located in the northeastern Aegean Sea. People from lesbos are called lesbians.

"The word lesbian is derived from the poems of Sappho, born in Lesbos, which contain powerful emotional content directed toward other females and have frequently been interpreted as expressing homosexual love."
That gurl lives in lesbos.
by XDHAI!!!!!! May 26, 2015
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5 of the smartest scientists in the world got together and decided to answer the meaning of life scientifically. They worked hard, and got to one answer: Why is the rock hard? Since they were scientists, they knew the answer, but the wanted the real answer. Their boss told them that they had to start all over 11 months of hard work. They retired themselves that day and became philosophers.

Definitions of Hard Rock:

-A question that can be answered scientifically, but is supposed to be a philosophic question
-Someone very awesome to the point there must be a NEW word to describe them
-All the scientists that helped create the Why is the rock hard? are automatically hard rocks.

Definition of Soft Rock:

-Someone who is a sad person and has no personality, as we ALL know, soft rocks can NEVER be rocks, or hard rocks (the way they are supposed to be).
-Someone who only listens to hardcore classical music.
-A normal boring question with a normal boring answer.
Hard rocks are awesome people.
by XDHAI!!!!!! May 13, 2015
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