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n. someone who thinks they are awesome, but in fact noone even remotely like them, nor are they remotely good at the game.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Origin circa 2005 MLG becoming popular many people who merely spectated MLG events thought they were pro, when in fact they were just random xbl kids. This popularized the word random. The adaption of the word scrandom took 3 years to develop with the onset of halo 3 random didn't cut it anymore words were fusioned to express the hate for randoms. Stupid Random Cunt thus the word scrandom.
XBL Nub: Wow kid get out br'ed
Here is the classic case of hypocrisy remember on xbl the winner is the one who gets the last word or yells the loudest.


XBL Nub: Ohh emmm Gee I out Br'ed T2
T2: Scrandom
Being pro you are on a higher echelon of play and no matter what the situation if you are killed by a scrandom they will File share it.
by XBLguruSon May 04, 2009
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