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sub4sub is a term used on the Video Sharing Website "YouTube"
to say "sub4sub" to another user means that if that user will sub (subscribe) to your videos, you will sub back to theirs, It may sometimes be posted as a comment on any random video to be pointed towards any user that's stupid enough to get sucked into it, Many sub4sub's are ignored, or marked as spam
"Hey YouTube users! sub4sub?!!?"
"Dude, GTFO, no one wants to sub you, your videos suck anyways"
by X172 April 12, 2009
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On YouTube, it's something that we use to give information about our videos that make anything that isn't too self explanatory a whole lot more clear, or to present the video as more interesting. Countless YouTubers ignore these often resulting in the posting of a stupid comment or question that's unnecessary because it was likely to be answered in the *drumroll please...* description!

These comments tend to become so sad that users need to include 20 FAQs in their descriptions because the idiots won't shut the hell up.

Read the comments to any video posted by GuitarHeroPhenom and you'll understand. They're also enough to keep someone entertained for a while, as the stupidity is legendary.
A good description:
This is a video of my transcription of awesome music from Zelda on Finale NotePad, enjoy. btw, click here to see the making of this for proof that it's legit.

Comments for this video:

This is so obviously faked its unbelievable, why r people so gullible?? morons

hey u speeded that up!

wats the name of da song i need 2 no thx

do u take a request?

where's you proof idiot?

what editing softwaer do u use?

u didnt realy compose that u just downloaded a midi file u fail so mucjh go suck my balls!!!!

Read the fucking description next time, please.
by X172 August 21, 2009
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