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Homework is a form of suppressing a child's individual interests so that they do not develop any ideas of individual worth and proceed to fill a job that is needed to keep everything functioning properly when he or she is not at school. Like school, people who challenge the idea of homework are seen as stupid because they are unwilling to memorize things that people before them thought or did in an effort to appear "intelligent." In American society, it is vital that one takes a job working under an employer as someone who helps keep the economy and social order functioning as it should rather than developing his or her own indivdual interests and possibly changing the way we look at life.
Go to school. Do your homework. Get a job. Retire. Die. You won't be remembered. You didn't make an impact. But you did help keep America's economy functioning (yes, I did intend to start a sentence with "but," and despite what some moronic English teacher might have told you, that IS okay). Good job.
by Worker Unit #503,298,545 May 08, 2005

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n. A screenshot fabricated by a company to misrepresent the graphics of a game; a combination of the words bullshit and screenshot.

Originated from Penny Arcade, a popular gaming webcomic.
-Have you seen Madden 2006 for the Xbox 360? The graphics are gonna be awesome!
-Dude, the Madden 2006 images they showed at E3 were bullshots. It doesn't look nearly as good as they said.
by Worker Unit #503,298,545 September 13, 2005

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An institution set up in the USA in order to train industrial workers by teaching people not to think for themselves and lowering their confidence in their own abilities and expectations of their futures. By implying a sense of duty and attacking individual interests and forcing a generalized curriculum that attempts to destroy the individual, people are trained not to think, given a feeling that they need to work under someone to succeed, and mainly keeping American economy and society functioning like a machine with the people as its parts.
If you come on to Urban Dictionary to bash school, you need to go back to school and listen to what everyone says. After all, everyone knows that people who drop out of school are losers who do not realize that challenging the social order in a twisted society will get you no where.
by Worker Unit #503,298,545 May 05, 2005

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A combination of the words "part" and "portion."
Can I have a partion of pizza?
by Worker Unit #503,298,545 December 06, 2005

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