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A very high-pitched voice used most commonly by male homosexuals. This voice is usually coupled with an exaggerated lisp.
Billy: "Oh he ith hot!"
Bob: "Damn dude, Billy has got to stop talking in such a homotone voice, I just wanna punch him in the throat every time I hear it."
by WordMasterPhlex July 28, 2008

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The acronym for "Dude you're such a boner."

This is most commonly used in writing, via text message, chat, or posts.

A quick easy term used to let somebody know they're being lame or acting like a boner. Can also be used as a sarcastic greeting - hey what's up?
1) What up?
2) Just playing WOW, you?

1) I'm not gonna make it to poker tonight bro, sorry.

1) Yo, what is DYSAB???
2) Look it up on UD.

2) So is your mom.
by WordMasterPhlex March 24, 2010

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A justificationology is used when somebody wants you to believe they are apologizing, however, its apparent that they're really using the apology as a front for more of a justification of whatever they've done. It is not a true heartfelt apology.
Jack: I apologize but I really just feel like this is why I...
Jill: Uh, is this a justificationology or are you really sorry?
Jack: I'm just saying that I did that because I...
Jill: Justificationology. DYSAB.
by WordMasterPhlex March 09, 2017

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These are your homies that are a bit slower, as far as walking speed or getting to places quickly. They’re always distracted by every little thing and it slows them down. Could be your mom, a young toddler, or just that homie that does not walk with a purpose.
We were at Disney World and at first I was a little annoyed with my slowmies really holdin’ me back but then one of the park workers recognized what was up and let us cut to the front of the line, boom. Slowmie advantage.

Bro, you stop for every shiny squirrel and walk slower than molasses. Put some pep in your step, slowmie!

What’s up, slowmie? You ready to just stroll, daze and do your thing? DYSAB.
by WordMasterPhlex September 17, 2019

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