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A Piñata is an empty shell of cardboard made for shoving candy forcefully into it. After said candy has been inserted, the piñata is hung on a tree with a noose and beat with wooden sticks until it breaks open and the candy rains from it. Piñatas are typically used at birthday parties, taco parties, party parties, cult meetings etc. Piñatas can be pretty much anything design wise. From donkeys to dicks, the options are endless. While most piñatas are beaten to death with sticks for fun, others become decoration or even pets. Some people may even make their own piñatas, though these tend to look like complete fucking shit.
*birthday party noises
Asshole: “Hey lil Shit! Get your fuckin ass over here. Time to murder the piñata!”
Lil Shit: “I’m coming”
*weird yet sexy humming
Creepy fuckin dude: “Did you bring the piñata for sacrifice!”
Cult bro: “Of course creepy fuckin dude, we even filled it with candy!”
Creepy Fuckin Dude: “Excellent! Let the festivities begin!”
*weird yet sexy humming INTENSIFIES
by Word$mith101 December 2, 2018
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Little pig boy. He’s that pathetic, dirty, bitch baby mistress gets to stand on.

Country of Origin:
Little pig boy comes from the dirt.
Mistress hates her little pig boy.”

“I’m her dirty little pig boy, please stand on me with your boots on.”
by Word$mith101 December 7, 2018
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A skizzle is when a person or pet takes a shit then proceeds to drag their ass on the floor leaving behind a streak of feces.
Skizzle is basically slang for "skidmark".
"Look! That ugly fuck just made a skizzle on the ground over there!"
by Word$mith101 September 12, 2016
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