4 definitions by Woolly

Fecal matter stuck on the penis after heterosexual anal sex
I woke this morning with a plumpleberry stuck in my pubic hair.
by Woolly May 15, 2022
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1. interjection - a term of intense dismay coupled with drug-induced confusion.
2. interjection - conveying vivid emotion while being drunk, stoned, rolling, blazin', or huffing gas fumes.
Fuck Balls! I can't believe we just drank the entire bottle and set that cat on fire, infructus!

I was gettin my swerve on with this hot spanish chica and busted out probably the biggest, hardest skeet i ever skat, infructus!
by Woolly October 5, 2004
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adj. - severe laziness, apathy, and indifference mixed with being an arrogant bitch
Dat Groundhogian mother fucker never took out that motha' fuckin' trash; then he told me he didn't take out the trash because none of it was his trash! What a Groundhogian twinky upper decker, infructus!
by Woolly October 5, 2004
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