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Rhythm And Blues. A style of music denotable by its bluesy guitar sounds and deep vocalising, that dates back to about the 1930s. Nowadays the phrase Rnb has been coined by slow rap music, where the actual phrase rhythm and blues is no londer relevant. A general feeling that moaning about someones make believe situations counts as blues, whereas genuine rnb was started during the derpression in america, where the blues were a reflection of human uncertaintey and not the modern day idea of rnb (i.e. flashing money and cars and women and whining about girls)
P1:...Yeh i really like RnB
P2: Oh thats cool, what artists?
P1: Ashanti, Craig David, Usher, Mario Winans, Kelis, Eamon, Joss Stone...
P2: Um, not sure why you think those are RnB artists...
P1: What do you mean?
P2: well, RnB stands for Rhythm and Blues, of which none of those people possess either or, and none of there music denotes or represents, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, T-Bone Walker, Otis Spann, and Elmore James...these are RnB artists.....
P1: Really....?
by Woodhouse October 22, 2004
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