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A once commonly used rappers phrase that has been stolen by Christian people that think they're cool. Usually followed by crunk, even though they don't know it's about getting high and drunk.
Jesus is in the ho-ouse. Raise the roof, we're going to get it crunk in here.
by wong August 27, 2003

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Someone who likes to buy an excess amount of shoes (big). has a special liking to big white ones.

Also someone who is very uncoordinated unco because he is wearing big shoes.

cant play table tennis

\Jack"y\, n.; pl. Jackies. Dim. or pet from Jack. Hence: (a) A landsman's nickname for a seaman, resented by the latter. (b) English gin. Dial. Eng.
by Wong March 09, 2005

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Dumb Thoughtless Supporter. Love it or Leave it belongs in this category. He is like cattle, being herded by the government. One of the greatest things about this country is that we have freedom of speech, and that we have the choice to question our government's decisions. You must remember, politicians are still people too, and where's the proof of the weapons of mass destruction program?
DTS's like Love it or Leave it should not be allowed to live.
by wong September 06, 2003

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