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This is the guy you want to marry, he has the sweetest touch and isnt anybody but himself. He is someone who will make your knees quiver with one touch. He has the biggest heart, has the best way of thinking, the most amazing taste in music and the sweetest smell. He accepts everything that comes his way and doesnt let the worst of life get him down. His only flaw is not knowing what kind of amazing person he is, he's truely an angel sent from heavan. He is a very passionate person, he is 110% in everything he is involved in.
Girl thinking while watching alex:
"god damn, why cant you notice me? Why cant you be mine? I promise to love you with my whole heart and promise to cherish you in everyway possible.... nah, i wont tell him, hes too amazing for me......."
by Wish He Was Mine February 22, 2012

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