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1 - A non-virtual, real world equivalent of a sock puppet.
2 - A non-virtual, real world equivalent of a proxy.
"Either you have a very lacking scholarly grasp of the applicable laws in this matter (which I find unlikely considering (various matters)) or following your "meeting" with the partners were simply acting as their messenger puppet on (date). "
by Wink Dinkerson January 21, 2006

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1 - A superstar; a queen of sheba.
2 - Someone who knows cool and can thus tell you how far you are from it.
3 - A sock puppet for your most favorite peep on your website. An internet name to disguise the identity of an actual person
"This really happened while conducting field research with the Minister of Cool." (I had a date with xxxxx)
by Wink Dinkerson January 20, 2006

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past tense of the verb form of irony, i.e., to irony something is to create or point out a situation that screams irony. Often, it's karma doing the ironying. For example, karma ironies you when you haven't been laid in forever, but you have to get checked by your lady doctor for nut cancer.
Karma says “I still totally ironied you, bitch”
by Wink Dinkerson April 20, 2006

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