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A holosexual person does the following:
-Eat their cat's head
-Do peel porn

-Do nail polish tutorials
-Drinks hella tea
-Loves holo anything.
by Wilted Roses September 14, 2019
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I gently open the door is a "joke" from the game Doki Doki Literature Club. This was made into a meme of the text "I gently open the door" displayed and an image of dabbing hanging Sayori.
MC: "I gently open the door"
Sayori: *dabbing*
by Wilted Roses June 16, 2019
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Stands for laughing out loud... But is typed with a straight face.
"lol heyyy"
by Wilted Roses June 17, 2019
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Maximum Ride is a book series written by James Patterson. The "main characters" consist of... Maximum (Nickname: Max, female, fourteen, fifteen in Fang, and 19/20 in Maximum Ride Forever) Fang (Male, fourteen, fifteen in Fang, 19/20 in Maximum Ride Forever) Iggy (Male, fourteen, fifteen in Fang, 19/20 in Maximum Ride Forever) Nudge (Female, eleven, twelve in Fang, 16/17 in Maximum Ride Forever) The Gasman (Nickname: Gazzy, eight, nine in Fang, 13/14 in Maximum Ride Forever) Angel (Six, seven in Max, 11/12 in Maximum Ride Forever)
The series has nine books within; The Angel Experiment, School's Out Forever, Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, The Final Warning, Max, Fang, Angel, Nevermore, Maximum Ride Forever.
The book series is good, and tells a story about six children (Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, The Gasman, and Angel) who were kidnapped from a science lab called the School. The children have avian two-percent (bird)DNA in them, giving them wings, lighter bones, and air sacs, enabling them to fly. Max, has to "save the world," and to lead the other children. She calls their group the flock.

In my opinion, the series was great, but I did have one issue. Max had blonde hair up until Max,(the book, don't get confused) where she then had brown hair? I don't recall them getting their hair dyed.
Person 1: "Maximum Ride is a great book series!"
Person 2: "Maximum Ride? The heck is that supposed to mean?"
Person 1: "It's a name..."
Person 2: "What?!"
by Wilted Roses June 16, 2019
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Natsuki is a short high schooler with straight pink hair, an hourglass shaped hair clip, and two pigtails held up by red ribbon. She's seen in the game Doki Doki Literature Club (DDLC) and I'd the only mentally sane one of the other three girls. She's adorable on the outside, but hated being called cute. She is a tsundere, but had a soft spot reserved for the best moments. Her death is often mistaken as her neck snapping, however, it's simply from getting deleted. Unfortunately, she is malnourished, and she gets abused by her father.
Melinda: "Awh, isn't Natsuki just so adorable??"
Jasmine: "Who the frick is Natsuki?"
Melinda: "You little.."
by Wilted Roses July 3, 2019
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The most common and most annoying comment you can find on almost any comment section on any YouTube video.
"like this for a subscriber, yo."



"Girls, keep the like button even.
Boys, keep it odd."
Or even
"Like for whatever reason, bro!"
by Wilted Roses June 16, 2019
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