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The act of itching one's scrotum due to the fact that the area in and around the testicles is very sensitive to harsh forces.

Men can not just scratch their scrotum but must grab the sack between there fingers at the spot of itchiness and Pinch and Roll the skin back in forth to attain full satisfaction.
My ballsack is very itchy. I think I'll go find a private place in the office and pinch-n-roll them.
by WillyJK January 27, 2009

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Word used to describe someone with disturbing and nauseating body odor.

Someone that smells like oil, vinegar and onions due to poor hygiene.
Me: "God! Steve?... when was the last time you took a shower?"

Steve Caprio: "What the fuck are you talking about dude?"

Me: "You fuckin stink like an Italian Sub dude!"

Steve Caprio: "Fuck you Kosak!"

by WillyJK December 17, 2008

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Defined as a transsexual or homosexual male's anus.

Can also be used to call out a heterosexual male as an insult, insinuating that he is "wimpy" or inferior to yourself or the rest of the crowd.
"Man, that tranny has one nice and tight hecunt!"

Bob always takes flack from the boss for no reason. He should stop being such a hecunt!
by WillyJK December 17, 2008

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A slang exclamation used towards one that you wish would place your scrotum within their mouth cavity and suckle either gently or extremely hard, rolling the testes to and fro.
"That chick is HAWT! I would give her $5 to SUGMABALLS"

My boss is such a dick! He can come on over here and SUGMABALLS! I don't need this shit!
by WillyJK May 11, 2009

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A word created for the head of household that get's to have unmitigated, no holds barred sex with their partner due to the amount of cash, credit & various other resources drummed out during the holidays in order to make the family happy and/or content.

May or may not be applied directly to anal sex with the wife/girlfriend - no questions asked.
Wife: "Now that everyone is gone from Christmas dinner, did you have a good time? By the way thanks for that diamond tennis bracelet you bought me dear..."

Husband: "I'm tired, full, half drunk & horny. Time for Santa's Take!"

Wife: "What is Santa's Take?"

Husband: "Bend that rump over and I'll show you. I will be debt for the next 12 months because your kids only wear Ralph Lauren and wanted diamond nipple rings. Now it's Santa's turn... It's time for Santa's Take!"

Wife: "yes dear. (bends over somewhat willingly)

by WillyJK December 22, 2008

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