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A stupid term as it denotes descent from two 'races'. As Human beings can effectively reproduce, hence, the handsome and sexy intelligent mixed race children. Clearly they are not of seperate origins.
Fact: There is zero 'purity in the world', funny how a couple of broad physical features entail a distinct race from a designated geographical border, Bo!.
Humans are a race....they are not made of 'sub races' hence species. For fuck sake how many times am i going to deal with nonces who think otherwise, fitta fan.
Person A: Hey look at that william he's a cutie. Oh my god he deserves to be the next prime minister of the country.

Person B: Why???

Person A: Duh.. because hes more representative than the current PM is, as hes mixed race. Correction as hes 'dual heritage', you know how many Pakis and Malis there are in this country,

Person B: Well i suppose were all the same race, the human race.

Person A: Yeh thats right, guess hes such a star.

Person B: Yeh that william is really something special.

Person A: ( is not adding to the conversation as she is staring at her own personal picture of william gazing at his dual heritage eyes!!!]
by Willibombfire! July 12, 2008
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