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Yesn't is a contraction of "Yes" and "Not", effectively meaning "No".

Robert Funk posted an outdated definition of "Yesn't" in 2008, citing it as an ambiguous "yes" or "no", a maybe or perhaps. However the word has gained popularity in the past month, (as of 5/18/2018,) in addition to Non't.

A Change.org petition, "Change the word 'No' in the English language to 'Yesn't'", gained nearly 17,000 signatures in just one day. On Reddit, it circulated in the subreddit, /r/dankmemes, where redditor reposted a screenshot of the Yesn't petition to the subreddit, gaining over 31,000 points.
Q1: "You want to go out for pizza later?"

A1: "Yesn't."

Q2: "Ur mom gay."

A2: "Yesn't u."
by William Martin Joel May 18, 2018
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