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A line famously said by now dead Jake Paul. I would kill him but you can't kill something that's already dead. This dumb shit thought that god church would be a good cover up with the fact that he didnt have anythin to rhyme with merch. Then a line said by god of England 'England is my city' sound smarter thant Jake's dumb shit with his god church merch. Nick is my daddy.

Pewdiepie made is sound better
by Whoisheba August 15, 2017
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A very lit diss track on Jake Paul by older brother Logan Paul (who is much butter). Alissa Violet (ex- girlfriend of Jake) makes an appearance and 'kisses' Logan. Why Don't We also dissed Jake because he dissed them calling them a 'Walmart One Direction' (then he apologized in tears lol).
Uh oh, that's Alissa Violet, used to be your chick
Now she in the Logang and you know she on my... team
Those cars ain't yours, man, that shit was just floated
Gun tattooed on your leg 'cause she knew you weren't loaded

I act in movies that your fans watch with their babysitters (airplane mode)
I thought you were my boy, guess I have a baby sister (yeet!)
You're tryna be a model, should've kept Neels Visser (hahaha)
Go make another video 'bout who's the better kisser

Is it called Team 10 'cause you take 10% of your friends? (that's fucked up Jake)
When the contract dies, so does the career, it ends (that's also a fact)
Are you mad just 'cause you couldn't sign the Dolans? (they're smarter than you)
So you had to replace them with some Spanish twins? (hahaha, weak!)

It's everyday bro, do you give up at night?
We 24/7 man, you picked the wrong fight
I'm a savage, you are average, I'm a beast, I'm going wild
This song will be the death of you, I'm 'bout to be an only child
The fall of Jake Paul
by Whoisheba August 15, 2017
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