3 definitions by WhitePearl88

A relationship or problem that you don’t want people to associate you with or that you want to remember at all.
Guy #1: Hey didn’t you date that girl over there for like 3 years??

Guy #2: Nah, It was just an entanglement, bro.
by WhitePearl88 July 11, 2020
What you say to someone when they piss you off over text or just don't respond.
Me: "Where do you want to go on our date tomorrow?"
Tony: *Read Yesterday*
Me: "You can lose my number."
by WhitePearl88 May 21, 2020
Used to express that someone is tall or bigger in general. Especially to refer to someone who grew up in the rural Midwest and is tall or “big boned”.
Person 1: “That girl is so tall!”

Person 2: “I think she’s from Iowa. That’s Corn-Grown!”
by WhitePearl88 August 30, 2022