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Taking tax dollars from lower and middle income folks in order to fund massive construction projects that benefit the well connected wealthy. In turn the well connected wealthy make sizeable political contributions to the politician in question.
The theory of Helenomics was created by Helen Shiller, the alderman of the 46th Ward of Chicago - you skim $125,000,000 in incremental property tax revenue from the county's coffers to build low, very low, and extremely low income housing projects, giving the government contracts to your cronies and friends, who then turn around and donate large sums of money back into your political campaigns.
by WhatTheHelen December 07, 2006
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The process of cleansing the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago by removal of its 20 year alderman, Helen Shiller
The 46th ward, which includes Uptown, was given a Helenema by the voters.
by WhatTheHelen February 08, 2007
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Any one of the 50 Aldermen the comprise the Chicago City Council
My Alderbeast would not give me a zoning variance because I did not contribute enough money to her re-election campaign fund.
by WhatTheHelen February 21, 2007
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