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A game similar to chubby bunny, but instead of marshmallows in your mouth, you stuff pennies up your ass.
Boy 1: Hey Derrick, wanna play Jewish Mafia?
Derrick: No!! I'm not a twink fag
by We're ac so We're cool July 30, 2022
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Audrey is one of a kind. It's impossible to have one sure definition of Audrey, because she always finds a new way to amaze you. Just when you think she's at her best, she'll pull a new trick out of her sleeve, and leave you breathless. Audrey is a wonderful girl to be around, and you will cherish every moment of her time. The only thing that comes close to being beside Audrey, is being beside God himself, in heaven. Audrey is truly an angel. She might not have wings, but she lifts me up so high, sometimes I think she can fly. Audrey is perfect for me. If you have an Audrey in your life, make sure you make her feel like the most special, amazing girl on the planet, because she is. Audrey is smart enough to admit that she's beautiful, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't tell her every 5 minutes. She is a blast to be around, more fun than the most fun activity you can think of. She will make you smile until your face falls off. She is almost too sweet, it feels unreal. She's so humble, honest, loyal, and a truly amazing girlfriend. If you're fortunate enough to find an Audrey, never let her go, because it will be the biggest regret of your life. She is so precious, and pulchridtudinous. I love Audrey with all my heart, and maybe after reading this definition, you will too!
Person 1: Have you seen Audrey today?
Person 2: How could I not have, she lights up the room like an angel!!
Person 1: I know right, I must be in heaven!!
by We're ac so We're cool September 26, 2021
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