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1. A Bowling Shoe

2. Will Newman
1. Bowler 1: Dude Check out my new jazzholes!

Bowler 2: Woah! Those are sick bowling shoes, bro!

2. Audiophile 1: Wow, listen to these smooth tunes by this jazzhole.

Audiophile 2: Yeah, Will Newman really plays some decent clarinet.
by We$$y D May 02, 2011

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The term "I'm so dice" is a term commonly used by gamers to mean "I'm so cool" or "I'm so raw. It was originally created in the early years of D & D to be something one would say after rolling a critical hit, or the highest number on the dice, as if one were saying, I'm the best!" As gaming evolved and video games became more popular, it became popular for gamers all over to say I'm so dice whenever anything cool or amazing happened in a game that allows one to show off their superiority in that game, such as getting an amazingly high kill streak in Call of Duty, or being able to raid all dungeons in WOW. I'm so dice is really just a cool, popular term. It's so dice!
Gamer 1 (after seeing his friend get a 75 kill streak in COD): Dude! You just got a 75 kill streak!

Gamer 2: I know. I'm So Dice.
by We$$y D May 02, 2011

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