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People who have no lives so they spend all day and every day at the mall creeping on people.
We want to be Mall Rats today.

Fag1: Dude, I am feeling in a creepy mood, I think I am going to act like a Mall Rat today.

Fag 2: Good idea! I am feeling creepy too!
by Water Chestnut December 27, 2010
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1. (n.) Herfike- Someone who thinks they are cute.

2. (v.) Herfiked- The act of randomly hanging up on someone because you're bored.
(n.) Fag 1: Dude, look at that it. It has on a sweater-vest on.
Fag 2: Wow, watta herfike.

(v.) Fag 1: Sooooo-
*Fag 2 just randomly hangs up*
Fag 1: ?!?! What just happened? Oh, I think Fag 2 just herfiked me! Watta fag.
by Water Chestnut December 13, 2010
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1. The word you use to answer a phone call.

pronounced gob-ta
*phone rings*
Fag 1: Gabta?
Fag 2: O.

Fag 1: What?

Fag 2: Nothing.
by Water Chestnut December 15, 2010
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A small, quiet laugh/noise you make while you listen to your friend prank call the person you like.
Giddy Girl 1: *on prank call* "hi, my name is Bob! hehehehehehe"

Giddy Girl 2: Haha, dude, i just made a slupa.
by Water Chestnut December 30, 2010
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