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An online diploma mill masquerading as a school. They started as small non-accredited college selling degrees through the mail and have since graduating to sending people spam messages about their graduate programs. Everyone who applies will be accepted as they don’t require a GRE, SAT, or a pulse. If you can pay, you can get yourself a Walden education.

Their professors are all part-time employees who are usually employed at other colleges at teach at Walden for the extra money. All of their classes are canned and don’t really require any real learning. Just write papers and do the minimum and you’ll have a worthless degree in no time at all.

The people who run the small office in Minneapolis, MN change regularly and are usually unhappy with their lives. The school goes through deans and heads of departments so quickly that even the staff jokes about it.

This is the college for anyone who wants to brag about having a degree while they’re restocking the shelves at Target.
I worked at Walden University for two years, finished my online MBA with them, and still can’t get a job anywhere else. F*ck Walden University.
by Wasted MyMoney March 13, 2008

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A horrible dashboard application by Walden University that is buggy, rarely works, and ancient despite being new.
myWalden crapped out on me again today. So I called tech support, waited 30 minutes, and had to leave a message because they've been overloaded with complaints. When will they just roll back this failed system?!?!?
by Wasted MyMoney August 29, 2008

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