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A mistranslation of Morio-cho, the fictional town where the story of JoJo's Bizzare Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable happens. Derived from a poorly translated version of the manga.
by Wario1212331132 January 3, 2022
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A mod for Team Fortress 2 that adds a new deathmatch gamemode and a new class: The Mercenary.
My favourite TF2 mod is Open Fortress
by Wario1212331132 January 14, 2021
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that thing omocat wanted to be back in 2013
i wish i was a drifloon so i could steal children
by Wario1212331132 August 4, 2023
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1) The acronyms for "Oh my God", "What the fuck" and "Barbeque" mashed together, usually used to mock internet newbies.

2) A Team Fortress 2 achievement unlocked by killing someone with the Pyro's shotgun taunt.

2) "OK, now I just need to get the OMGWTFBBQ achievement to get the Axtinguisher."
by Wario1212331132 August 4, 2023
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