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No matter what he says, no matter what he does, they'll worship the great Trump.
by WRFEGrewdwerg November 9, 2016
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#nolivesmatter is a nihilist group nobody cares about, not even nihilist care about it. It's basically a response to #blacklivesmatters and #alllivesmatter which incorrectly assumes that anyone's lives matter. The universe doesn't give a conceivable fuck whether or not you are alive.
by WRFEGrewdwerg August 28, 2016
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If you lookup "Jackson Hole Town Square" on youtube you will find a random ass livestream of some random ass intersection in wyoming. At the moment of posting this, it has about 1,700 people watching it. Nobody knows why. Some people believe it was created by the Illuminati.
I have no fucking clue why I'm watching this shitty livestream of "Jackson Hole Town Square".
by WRFEGrewdwerg September 7, 2016
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