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Just a shortened term for Bush and Ashcroft, or Bush and the rest of his cabinet.

My constitution class made this one up, one of the few things we did besides have flaming political arguments with the new kid in the class.
Down Bushcroft.
by Voodoo Squash June 23, 2004
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1.Something that you really love doing, like a hobby that holds you together or relieves you from stress.
2. Anything and everything

This is a made up word, but a convenient one. It's a little silly. Insert anywhere when you're too frustrated to think of any better word.
1. Alex: I need my ishness! *scrambles around frantically for her drawing tablet*
2. Aagh, stupid <insert name> and their retarded fucking..ishnss! >_<
by Voodoo Squash June 23, 2004
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Alright, I won't elaborate on how I found this out, it's a long story. Let's just say that it took me and a friend buying the wrong thing twice, wasting money, and being yelled at for it. If a Korean recipe calls for yellow squash or blue pumpkin, they probably mean zucchini. Damn, they can hardly speak the language sometimes yet they decide to make up a few words of their own. I don't understand it, I really don't :<
Mother: You! Get me..yellow squash!
Me: *leaves and comes back with yellow squash*
Mother: AAaaghh! Stupid! That not yellow squash! Go get mommy yellow squash!
by Voodoo Squash June 23, 2004
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Meat pastry.

There's a place near where we live called Rada's Piroscki and I could never figure out if Piroscki was the name of the place or if it was a word for an eatery or something. The place always stank to high heaven, usually of squid, but it was always packed. As it turns out, piroski is a meat pastry, or something like that.
Stinky piroski!!!
by Voodoo Squash June 23, 2004
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