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One of the four black comedians of the Apocalypse,along with Chris Rock,Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. They will bring an end to the world by causing people to laugh in incredible amounts. Can be seen in movies Rush Hour 1,2 , Fifth Element , Friday , and so on.
"Rush Hour"

Chris Tucker :"Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?!"
J.Chan:"Ofcourse i don't!"
by Vladimir Vojvodic March 06, 2006

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This phrase has various meanings,depending on the situation. Originated mainly from the underrated cult-classic, "Things to do in Denver when you're dead".

1) Devour feces for little or no cash, or the sheer fun of it.
2) Urinate in a plastic keg because of paranoid delusions.
3) Have absolutely nothing to do with anything, therefore being omnipresent.
4) Being a national hero and being forgotten in the next few seconds.
1) "Man, did you pull a Treat Williams for 25 bucks last night?"
-" It was nothing dude. Easiest money I've ever made. Tasted a bit spongy though."

2) "What the hell are you doing,Jimmy?"
-"I'm Treat Williamsing in a plastic keg without any apparent reason, do you mind?!"

3) "Here's a pool dive I nicknamed Treat Williams."
( slips and falls into the pool )
-"Dude,what the fuck did that have to do with Treat Williams?!"
" It didn't have anything to do with him. Nothing has anything to do with T.W. He's the Nothing man."
-" That's some weird shit."

4) "Hey Mike,did you hear about Treat Williams saving New York from the communist shit rebellion?! It was awesome!"
-"Who did what?"
"No idea,I didn't say anything."
-"Oh,ok. Let's go hang out at the mall then."
by Vladimir Vojvodic March 28, 2008

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