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A new even more aggressive paparazzi. Mamarazzi are the moms who insist on taking picture after picture after picture of their children with Santa, at the park , playing soccer all while yelling at their children to "smile better."

Most of the time, they're too busy taking pictures to notice what's happening on the other side of the camera or cell phone.

They're pushy, but loving.

see also Gramarazzi - - pushy, rude and with a sense of entitlement, the worst of the mamarazzi.
Example 1:

When little Jamie won the spelling bee; the mamarazzi rushed the stage to document the moment. He was blinded by the flashbulbs and fell off the stage.

Example 2:

"Smile Better Janie, Smile! SMILE!"
"Maybe if the mamarazzi stop yelling, she'll smile."
by Vinpaw December 26, 2007
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That slight woozy feeling you get after scarfing down fast food, specifically McDonald's.
"I was craving Micky D's, it was so good going down, but now I'm feelin' McSick."
by Vinpaw January 06, 2008
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