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If your from The Northestern United States where life is highly competitive then a Red Neck is a Patriotic Prig who is also a Racist. He is the enemy with whom all Minorities must contend. And Yankees don't fratinize with the enemy because they take life entirely too seriously.

If you're from The Southeastern United States where Life is generally laid back then a RedNeck is a country hillbilly who minorities feel uncomfortable being around but will work with if they must. It's just too much trouble to keep up with your enemy.
For many Yankees Jeff Foxsworthy is no more a typical Redneck than Richard Pryor was the typical Negroe even when he described himself with the 'N' word. Both are to be regarded only as comedic relief. A true RedNeck was, at one time, George C. Wallace. REMEMBER how the IVY league students greeted him back in the 1960's!

To many Southerners Jeff Foxworthy and the Dukes of Hazard County ARE true RedNecks. All other Conservative Whites is just plain folk.
by Vincent Michael Kelly March 24, 2006

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