2 definitions by Victor R. Reyes

(Noun.) An interfooler is a device commonly fitted behind the front bumper or grille of a vehicle to closely resemble an actual front-mount air to air intercooler found on most modified turbocharged and some supercharged vehicles. It causes enthusiasts to think that a car is turbocharged, but it really is not. (a.k.a. Baller on a budget.)
Is that an intercooler? No...it's a "front mount air intake system". Interfooler!

"Why did you strip the paint off your A/C condenser?"
"I did it because it looks like an intercooler now..."

If you see a car at a car show with a front mount intercooler, but the owner refuses to pop the hood, it's probably not really boosting.
by Victor R. Reyes August 8, 2006
A phrase used as a noun overall. An individual who seemlessly combines the social attributes of a "baller" (one who demonstrates a dispensable income at social gatherings which automatically lead to popularity and desirability with both the male and female members of any given social group in any given social situation) and a budget-minded individual who aspires to achieve a similar level of popularity and desirability without having a dispensable income on hand.
Have you ever seen a Pontial Fiero (1984-1988) with a Lamborghini body kit? From 100' away, it looks like a Lamborghini, but when it drives by, it sure sounds like a US Mail Delivery Van. That's a baller on a budget! ;-)

Have you ever seen people rock a 1ct. cubic-zirconia earring? That right there is a baller on a budget.

Have you ever seen a car with a front mount "interfooler" instead of an "intercooler"?

If you live on the "fringes" of Beverly Hills, and you still tell people you live in Beverly Hills, but it's really just normal Los Angeles -- guess what, you're a baller on a budget!
by Victor R. Reyes August 8, 2006