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Japanese name for an ice apparition or demon. (Female.)
Yu Yu Hakushu character Hiei has a mother Hina and sister Yukina that are koorime. He is half ice apparition and half fire demon.
by ViciousKitsune January 08, 2004

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The self proclaimed king of the Linkin Park Message Board forum the Barracks. He has been described as a troll, a comedian, a revolutionary, and an asshole in general.

His shenanigans have gotten him banned more times than can be counted and he keeps coming back to both torture and amuse the masses.

He can be identified by his ridiculously complex vocab word of a screen name and posts that mock other users. Other notable characteristics include other users that follow him around from thread to thread either as enemies or idolaters.

Beware, you must exhibit impecable spelling and possess wit to escape his wrath.
Newbie: "Who is Hal?"

Mod: "Don't worry about it, just stay out of his way and you will be fine."
by ViciousKitsune April 01, 2004

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