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Pedestrian Crossing, but sometimes erroneously thought to be a Chinese name. First mentioned in the movie "Slackers".
ANGELA: When I was a little girl, I used to think that the Chinese built the roads in America -- someone must have told me the Chinese built the railroads and I guess I got confused. When the Chinese workers finished paving the road, they'd write "PED XING" on it in big white letters, in honor of who I assumed was their emperor or something: "Ped Ching."
by VicRamalot November 21, 2009

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Protective Plastic Film Heaven. The joy in finding a previously-overlooked piece of protective plastic on your electronic device. After removing the film, objects which are years old will suddenly seem new again.
Dude, I was in PPF heaven last night when I found a little piece of film on my remote control. Baby's brand new again! *sniff*
by VicRamalot September 30, 2009

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Busting or breaking one's ball; giving someone a hard time about something.
Yo, Mario, I had a rough day, quit slicing my bagels.
by VicRamalot September 06, 2015

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