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A 'Race Pimp' is a race monger. They feed off racial tension and they live and die by racism. They offer nothing new, nothing good, nothing to repair, only conflict between the races. They are socially irresponsible, and think nothing of destroying innocent peoples names if it means furthering their own finances and level of fame. Reverend Wright from Chicago is the worst kind of Race Pimp because he uses the house of worship to race bait and sell his political agendas....and at the same time making a profit.
"Did you see Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson race Pimping on CNN today?"
by Vic/DA January 05, 2010
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Is a naive Jewish immigrant that's new to America. A 'GanjaFreeBird' is a liberal blues guitar playing pot head that resides in Hollywood who is obsessed with American blues music and the civil rights movement. He's also a modern day race carding revisionist that if it weren't for playing guitar he would definitely have a NAACP bullhorn in hand pointing the finger and race baiting your average white working class American. To get a better idea a GanjaFreBird is Anthony Michael Hall in the movie 'Weird Science'. The part where he gets the "cool spell" persona put on him and is hanging out with the black blues musicians in the bar smokin and drinking, well that's a GanjaFreeBird in real life except he's a Jew.
"Uh oh! Hide the weed and get your ear plugs out here comes a GanjaFreeBird with his guitar and bullhorn"
by Vic/DA February 10, 2010
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A 'neutrino' Is generally a white self loathing lazy intellectual that resides in the northern California area. He tends to be stuck in a civil rights state of mind and is convinced that all white politicians are out to oppress the blacks. He's never actually experienced the real world and the closest thing he gets to reality is his old 5th grade history books. When a 'neutrino' debates he will pull the 'race card' at every turn,l and lacks the social skills and will to actually discover the new America.
Hey look, It's a neutrino selling bean pies at a stop light.
by Vic/DA March 28, 2010
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Is a California based eco-fanatic/warrior that has nothing better to do with his time then to point and meddle in everyday affairs of normal day to day people. A Corporate Avenger is anti well...just about everything with a corporate logo. He's anti-McDonalds,WaLmart,Subway,Chevrolet,Ford,US Military etc etc. He's convinced that every type of food in the American grocery store is going to kill us in the next week, and the only way to avoid this is to eat what he tells you to eat. And thats just the Corporate part. He's also a global warming alarmist that is 100% positive that the entire human race and planet is doomed if you dont take his urgent advice. He's a borderline soon to be eco-terrorist and if he isnt then his offspring surely will be due to years of eco-brainwashing. His off spring are going to be the ones that burn entire housing developments down just for the simple fact that it was an "eco-threat". A Corporate Avenger is a fanatic for his own gain and no one else's.
Oh great....Hide your McDonalds wrappers the Corporate Avenger just peddled up on his "eco-friendly" bike.
by Vic/DA January 05, 2010
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