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Is a naive Jewish immigrant that's new to America. A 'GanjaFreeBird' is a liberal blues guitar playing pot head that resides in Hollywood who is obsessed with American blues music and the civil rights movement. He's also a modern day race carding revisionist that if it weren't for playing guitar he would definitely have a NAACP bullhorn in hand pointing the finger and race baiting your average white working class American. To get a better idea a GanjaFreBird is Anthony Michael Hall in the movie 'Weird Science'. The part where he gets the "cool spell" persona put on him and is hanging out with the black blues musicians in the bar smokin and drinking, well that's a GanjaFreeBird in real life except he's a Jew.
"Uh oh! Hide the weed and get your ear plugs out here comes a GanjaFreeBird with his guitar and bullhorn"
by Vic/DA February 10, 2010
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